Aluminium is an extraordinary material – however, there can be no top-quality forgings without any post-processing. Processing costs and effort can be reduced considerably by using an optimised moulding and by making use of knowledge about the technical relationships.
This reduces costs without having to make compromises.


Hrtyán Péter


Optimizing functionality and flexibility

Post-processing machining is required in order to achieve functionality in a forging.
BE | Alutech has fully-automated CNC-controlled processing centres and lathes, with which a very high degree of surface quality can be produced extremely precisely.
BE | Alutech has complimentary machinery, and the outcome is a very flexible complete solution for the production of small and medium-sized series.


CNC-controlled machines are used for the machine processing of hot pressed products.

Strip width:
Batch volume: 500 units up to 20,000 units