With experienced staff, supported by very powerful 3D – CAD and CAM-systems, we know how to obtain the very best results for our customers.
That brings with it planning certainty, saves costs and shortens the development phase considerably.
Direct and smooth data exchange with customers and business partners alike is particularly important.
Our systems have all the usual interfaces you would expect – and are compatible with all current external formats.


Futó Tamás


From design to production

Engineering demonstrates its added value in the transition from design to production. We take care of optimisation and standardisation by working closely with our customers’ constructors. This is how customised products acquire premium quality at the lowest possible cost and why they can be processed reliably in series.


In your role as the contracting party you determine the produce design and the requirements, which are imposed on the functionality and performance of your products. Our development team is on hand to assist you in making it possible to produce your design in series.

Competent knowledge regarding the scope of application for the product design
Establishing and optimising the production processes.